Real Estate

Real Estate


At Vas Law, we dedicate our time, commitment and knowledge to landowners, developers, builders, investors, buyers and tenants to navigate the complexities of real estate law. We are experienced in working with our clients on a comprehensive range of real estate issues, including purchase and sales of residential and commercial properties, landlord-tenant issues, tax appeal, leasing and more. It’s a process that takes time, patience and sound legal advice.

Vas Law, LLC, handles landlord tenant matters in both residential and commercial properties. We have extensive experience in landlord tenant matters, handling evictions of residential tenants, commercial tenants and hold over tenants of many varieties. Vas Law, LLC has successfully evicted tenants based on failure to pay basic rent and a variety of other “for cause” evictions. Vas Law, LLC can prepare letters to tenants as well as lease leases for landlords.

From buying a home to building one, selling a starter house to selling a vacation home, our office has handled real estate transactions big and small. We offer honest, ongoing communication on the progress of all transactions, and we respect our client’s decision in all business matters. Our attorney and staff possess vast knowledge of the matters surrounding real estate law—including property management, financing, leasing, zoning, maintenance, and usage—and we offer skillful negotiations on behalf of our clients.

The buying and selling of real estate is one of the largest and most important financial investments most individuals will ever undertake. Hiring an attorney helps navigate the process and ensures you will receive sound legal advice, unbiased explanation and evaluation of the contract and assistance in every phase of the process. Choosing to be represented by Joseph B. Vas in your upcoming real estate transaction ensures that you will have professional guidance through every step of the process, assistance negotiating fair and reasonable terms with the opposite party. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the largest and most important investments that you will make in your life, don’t let it be a headache by choosing wrong representation.

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