-Traffic Ticket
-Local Ordinance

In New Jersey, municipal courts have jurisdiction over cases that involve local ordinance that cover a wide range of local topics and concerns. Most violations of municipal ordinances are not seen as criminal offenses and the punishment is payable by fine in many cases.

Traffic Ticket
The consequences of a traffic ticket can really pile up quickly, and if there’s any way to contest it, it’s usually best to do so. To avoid having points added to your driving record, expensive surcharges and increased insurance rates, contact a local municipal lawyer. You can expect to receive exceptional representation at an affordable price.

Drunk driving is a serious charge in New Jersey. If you are convicted, you will be punished harshly. At our law office, we will fight your DUI. We know the steps the prosecution takes when building a drunk driving case, and we will try with whatever means necessary to defeat the charges. We fight charges, and get results.

Local Ordinance
Under the state law of New Jersey, municipalities are permitted to create and enact local rules and regulations intended to help self-govern a specific municipality. These rules and regulations are referred to as ordinances. Some examples of local ordinance violations are:
– Public Intoxication 
– Underage drinking
– Open alcohol beverage while driving 
– Domestic Alterations
– Disorderly Conduct
– Housing Violations
– Shoplifting

In many cases, local ordinance violations can be paid by fine and do not require community service or jail time. However, before paying a fine or pleading guilty, it’s important to discuss your case with an experienced local municipal defense attorney. Please contact our law firm so we can come up with the best course of action for you.